Acne Is Not The End Of the World

Acne can seem like the end of the world when those unsightly pimples and blemishes appear on your face. Teens are commonly affected by acne, though adults are also possible for developing an acne breakout. Adults in their 30′s or 40′s can experience acne, and sometimes those past this age bracket! Although acne is a major pain and certainly something you do not want to see on your face, it is also something that can be treated when you fight back.

Take The Acne Fight

Fighting back against acne first means you need to understand the condition. You’ve probably heard a lot about the condition, but not all that you’ve heard may be true. Acne myths circulate like the mail, and you do not want to believe all of them. First, acne is caused by clogged pores. Greasy, fried foods will not give you a pimple, just as you will not develop a breakout from poor hygiene. Now, this isn’t to say that these things do not contribute to a breakout, as it is important to clean your face and eat healthy, but alone they aren’t going to cause your face to erupt.

If you wash your face twice per day, drink enough water each day and eat healthy fruits and vegetables your skin will be healthier, but not free of the risks of acne. The skin is an organ, after all (the largest in the body, in fact.) Even doing all this your oil glands can become clogged and cause a pimple, as hormones play a major role in acne. Most teen acne is caused by hormones, just as the culprit for pregnant women who suddenly develop acne.

When you see a pimple on your face, the worst thing that you can do is pop it! This may feel like something that is okay, or make you feel that the acne will stop. But, this can actually make things much worse! When you see those pimples the first thing you should do is begin a skin care regimen that includes the use of an acne treatment product. There are tons of products out there- proactive products, Clean & Clear, Olay, Clearasil, Neutrogena- to name a few, and with their daily use you can find yourself blemish-free sooner.

Life Is Not Over

For almost 85% of individuals bothered with acne, a daily skin care regimen that includes an acne treatment is all that it takes to get rid of acne. You may feel like life has come to a halt when you look in the mirror to this surprise, but relax and fight back. You will be the winner of your great skin when the day is said and done.